We understand the importance of working as a partnership with our clients to ensure every situation is a win/win; creating the best scenario for both client and our business growth.

We have the experience and expertise to undertake a range of civil projects including bulk excavation and earthworks; drainage, road construction and other structural works associated with Civil works.


Working together with our survey team we set out all our own works, keep stringent volume reporting and produce local council required As Constructed sets of drawings. We also provide assistance and advice to satisfy all DA Conditions, enabling you to obtain Council Sealing after the work is completed. 


By involving us early in your project planning, we can liaise with the right consultants to ensure the earthworks design is the most economical solution.  We have saved clients many thousands of dollars by recommending design changes to best suit more practical construction methods and different types of material uses.


We have relationships with other skilled engineers, geotechnical teams, cadastral surveyors and town planners if specific design or testing is required outside our expertise.



We excel in the construction of sub divisions: from small 2 lot residential projects through to large (up to 63 lots to date) residential sub divisions. Works include clearing, earthworks, drainage, service relocation/installation, footpaths, pavements, surfacing and landscaping.


Subdivisions make up a core area of our work and we can be engaged as the civil contractor or we can be engaged earlier as Project Managers, undertaking all liaising required for the engineering design and consulting services. We have an in-depth understanding of council requirements and have built up good relationships with several Council department personnel within the Moreton Bay Regional Council.


We pride ourselves on having all the appropriate quality assurance paperwork in order to obtain “On Maintenance in a very timely manner. This includes a geotechnical reporting; material quality assurance certifications; geometry tolerance reporting. With our engineering surveyors we can provide accurate calculations and set out as well as monitoring and final asbuilt surveys.


An added service we are able to provide is to help meet all DA Conditions outside the normal Civil Contractor requirements that can significantly reduce Council sealing times and resulting in title and registration being achieved much quicker.


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We undertake small to medium sized road work, road widenings, pavement and car park construction projects, which include excavation and subgrade preparation, sub base and base gravel preparation, kerbing, asphalt, lighting, line marking and signage.


Our road construction experience ranges from flexible pavements with asphalt seal to rigid designs requiring a concrete finish. We have in-depth contract administration, health and safety planning, environmental planning, construction planning and construction methodology that are aligned with industry best practice. We can also provide complex traffic management.



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